Dharma Breeze: Essays on Shin Buddhism

by Nobuo Haneda

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Paperback: 176 pages. Published: 2007




Shin Buddhism and Zen Buddhism are the two major Buddhist traditions in Japan. Although many people in the United States know about Zen Buddhism, not many people know about Shin Buddhism, the teachings of Shinran. This book consists of 19 essays about: Amida Buddha or the spirit of Dharmakara, the most important basic concept of Shin Buddhism; the Pure Land; "listening", the true practice in Shin Buddhism; and general topics such as the definition of "Buddhism" and "happiness".


"Besides deep understanding of the pettiness of our being, besides humility, besides deep respect of rhe Dharma, what else do we need in our lives? If we are truly bowing our heads before the Dharma, that is itself our liberation. Shinran's view of liberation is fully expressed in his words at the end of his Shoshin-ge, 'Just entrust yourself to the words of these (seven) great monks.' He says that if we can truly respect and bow our heads before our teachers, that is all there is to Buddhism; nothing else is necessary. Our liberation is fully realized there." -- Nubuo Haneda

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