Minyan: Ten Principles For Living A Life of Integrity

by Rabbi Rami Shapiro

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Softcover Book, 203 pages. Published in 1997.                                   

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Rabbi Rami Shapiro is also a Constructive Living Instructor. In this wonderful book he infuses the Jewish tradition with new meaning as he describes a tenfold path, based on eighteenth-century Hasidic tradition of the Baal Shem Tov and his followers, a path accessible not only to Jews, but to all spiritual seekers. The ten practices of Minyan are meditation, repetition of a sacred phrase, inspirational reading, attention to the present moment, generosity, kindness performed with no thought of reward, dreamwork, ethical consumption, self-perfection, and celebration of the Sabbath. Here is a Jewish spiritual primer that teaches how to apply the wisdom of the ancient sages to our lives today.

"Shapiro holds to the belief that anyone can become spiritually enlightened and in order to assist an individual to reach this goal he has developed a ten-fold method called Minyan. Although Shapiro's method hinges on the esoteric and breaks away from conventional Jewish thought, the underlying value of his message is one of universal application, with no embedded dogmatism, a source of inspiration for people of all fsiths." - Esther Nebenzahl, Portugal

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