The Art of Taking Action: Lessons from Japanese Psychology

by Gregg Krech

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We usually associate Eastern philosophy with a contemplative approach to life.  But Gregg Krech’s new book, “The Art of Taking Action”, addresses the other side of the equation – the active side of life.  This powerful resource provides a wealth of inspiration and guidance for those of us who struggle to do what we need to do.   Filled with pragmatic strategies for addressing our common human tendency to procrastinate, it is an invaluable guide for those who want to make the most of their “thirty thousand days”. 

Gregg Krech is the author of several books, including A Natural Approach to Mental Wellness and the award-winning Naikan:  Gratitude, Grace & the Japanese Art of Self-Refection

The Art of Taking Action is getting rave reviews:

     "The Art of Taking Action is a book full of inspiration and practical advice to overcome obstacles in life that prevent us from taking actions. We, as human beings, constantly struggle to move forward in life, not always due to our physical limitations but because of those barriers that are psychological in nature. As the book explains, fear, perfectionism, boredom, indecision, and procrastination, are some of the reasons we fail to take necessary actions in our life. This book, using key principles from Japanese psychology (including Morita, Naikan, and Kaizen), teaches us very practical methods to overcome those barriers so we can "do what needs to be done in life." Yoshinori Sato

     "This reader-friendly guide challenges common assumptions about the “to do” list and getting things done. It educates and illuminates the critical distinctions between deciding and doing, busyness and purposeful action, what's most important and our default distractions. As the author points out, balancing action with reflection can reduce our risk of leaving the most important things in our life undone. This practical, encouraging, inspiring book of wisdom and stories may well be the key you need to take action while there is breath left." Trudy Boyle
     "To put it simply, this book can change your life if you read it and implement what it offers. It is common sense, offers no magic but is so powerful in looking at life as it really is and giving us the skills to navigate through what can be overwhelming or get us through when we feel "stuck". It is so easy for me to get bogged down into all those feelings call life, but what do I do with them? This book is one I will continue to come back to remind there is a way out. For those times I need some help, this is the book to go to. It gives me the steps to do. What are those steps? This book is an easy read to get you to move to a different place from where you are. If you keep moving, one step at a time you are going to grow. Recommended book to give to people you love who are on a journey to live a move sane and loving life."  Patricia A. Abbott


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