Naikan: Gratitude, Grace and the
Japanese Art of Self-Reflection

by Gregg Krech
Recipient of the "Best Spirituality Books of 2002" award from Spirituality and Health Magazine

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Paperback: 220 pages Publisher: Stone Bridge Press (November 2001) ISBN-13: 978-1880656631 Product Dimensions: 6.9" x 5.9" x 0.7"
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Drawing on Eastern spiritual and psychological traditions, Naikan is a structured method of reflecting on one's life, one's relationships with others and the impact we are having on the world around us. Through Naikan we develop a natural and profound sense of gratitude for blessings bestowed on us by others and a healthy desire to find meaning in our life and inspiration to contribute to the happiness and welfare of others. This collection of essays, parables and inspirational stories explains what Naikan is and how it can be applied and practiced regularly as a personal method of self-reflection.

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"Cultivating gratitude is among the most powerful and transformative spiritual practices in which you can engage. Gregg Krech's new book, Naikan, focuses on the art of gratitude, offering in a subtly simple, no nonsense, and highly useful style, practical ways to cultivate it in our own lives. This is a book to be read, and an art to lived." -Rabbi Rami Shapiro, author of Proverbs, the Wisdom of Solomon

"I hope to buy copies of this book for Christmas this year to give to all of the people I love. I read this book and applied its principles to my life and especially my relationship with my husband. It is transformative! By using the techniques discussed in this book, which are really very simple to use, you gain a truer, fuller picture of what is happening in any relationship in which you are involved. It has helped me to truly appreciate my husband, something that hasn't happened in a very long time. Of course, he feels that appreciation and the result has been a wonderful transformation of our relationship. I recommend this book for everyone as I can't imagine anyone for whom it would not be life changing in some degree." --From an Amazon review

"Don't be intimidated by the title of this book. Gregg Krech is a very practical American man, and he uses plain English and clear examples as he teaches his readers how to recognize the way they are supported every minute of every day by people, processes and products that they give nothing back to, not even thanks.  Bridges, electric companies, air traffic controllers, the person in the next lane who does not suddenly veer into my lap... Without the efforts and self-control of similar people and processes I rarely notice, my own life would just fall apart!!  So would yours!  Through well-written real-life stories and easy and effective exercises, Gregg Krech's book teaches you to feel better and behave better, and notice it happening." --D. Swanson

"A fine, wise book. Direct, simple and useful. It helps one focus on what is truly important. Naikan is beautifully produced and a pleasure to read and hold. Author Gregg Krech has a graceful prose style that provides the reader with a clear, insightful roadmap. A welcome addition for those who value a purposeful, personal library." --J.T.

"Naikan: Gratitude, Grace, And The Japanese Art Of Self-Reflection by Gregg Krech (Executive Director, ToDo Institute, Middlebury, Vermont) is an accessible, "reader friendly" guide to the spiritual art of mental composure and cleansing through an ancient tradition of harmony and balance. Individual chapters address the nature of Naikan, and its practice and usefulness in everyday life. Offering simple exercises that the reader can do to train himself or herself in this healing and revealing way of deeper understanding, Naikan is a fascinating and meaningful guide, and highly recommended reading for anyone seeking to improve themselves in general, and their emotional well-being in particular." Midwest Book Review

This book offers much to anyone interested in cultivating a grateful outlook in life through reflection. Inspiring quotes, poetry and practical exercises complement the text, which describes Naikan's Japanese roots, but is presented in a Westerner-friendly way. There's even a little section on Benjamin Franklin's efforts at self-reflection. The book's format lends itself to dipping in for a quick tidbit as well as a cover-to-cover read. Readers may find themselves thanking their socks for keeping them warm, or enjoying a pizza with mindful attention. Very inspiring!--Dixie

"As an aging pilgrim who has tried to improve her life via the zigzag path of running, meditation, simplicity and organic gardening, I find Greg Krech's Naikan an astoundingly effective small volume. As someone said, the practice of Naikan is about " What is" rather than " What was" or "What might have been." Like most Americans, I find it reassuring that the ancient Naikan techniques fit into my fast forward world easily. Thanks, Gregg Krech, for providing a better map for my life journey." -- Victoria Register-Freeman

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