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What our Members Are Saying:

"Thirty Thousand Days is always so informative and well-constructed. And this last issue was beyond fabulous. It was quite touching and really 'hit home', helping me to keep on purpose."

Rosalyn Cherry, New York, NY

"Thank you for putting out such a high quality publication that is fun and easy to read. I look forward to getting all the back issues."
Linda Koenig, Univ Hts, OH

"Thirty Thousand Days continues to be one of my most important reads. I am indebted to you both for the energy and expertise you are devoting to the life changing material."

Victoria Freeman, Jacksonville, FL


"The work of the ToDo Institute is truly amazing and inspiring. Your article on Effort and Outcomes is really very nice. Thank you very much!"

Otavio Lilla, Brazil

"What a perfectly timed issue of Thirty Thousand Days

if you have to think ... you haven't been Zenned!