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January 11 - February 10, 2018

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Many of us desire to live a more purposeful life. We want to use our time well, to put our energy towards that which truly matters, to leave behind a positive legacy. But when we step back and take an honest look at how we're living . . . we're not satisfied. Maybe we're spending too much time doing things that feel urgent, but aren't particularly important. Maybe we find ourselves frequently being pulled off course by our feelings – feelings of fear, anxiety, or depression. Maybe we just procrastinate on doing what we know we need to do or maybe we're just confused about what our purpose should really be. This course is designed to help you get on the path to a more purposeful life. We'll draw on exercises of self-reflection (Naikan) and methods from Morita therapy (known as the Psychology of Action). We'll incorporate ideas from Viktor Frankl, Stephen Covey, and William Damon. This is a course about direction – about finding direction, setting direction, and staying on course.

Please join us for this journey Living on Purpose to start off the new year. The course also offers 16 credits towards the ToDo Institute's Certification program.

This program requires an average commitment of about 30 minutes per day -- a substantial but not overwhelming commitment. Yet with the structured guidance provided by this program, and the online support of other program participants from around the world, you may actually succeed in devoting 15 hours during the course of the month towards the goal of living on purpose. You may be very pleasantly surprised by the noticeable difference these efforts can make.

The program’s online discussion list is open only to class participants and allows you to share your experiences, ideas and comments related to the theme of simplifying. Many participants have found that the discussion enhances their efforts. The ideas, tips, challenges and successes that are shared on the list contribute to a sense of camaraderie amongst participants, provide an ongoing stream of real-life examples, and create a sense of shared purpose. As part of a larger learning community, each participant’s efforts not only benefit their own life but also support those making a similar effort.

Tuition includes A Finger Pointing to the Moon (e-book), online resources, calendar of assignments for the entire month, and participation in our global discussion.  If you have participated in this program in the past, you can receive a 50% alumni discount.

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Optional reading:

-- The Power of Purpose: creating Meaning in Your Life and Work by Richard J. Leider.
-- Callings: Finding and Following an Authentic Life by Gregg Levoy.

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